Medical Clients

in-office infusion centers.

Who We Service

Infinity Infusion Solutions is interested in collaborating with specialty pharmacies, ambulatory infusion centers, providers, specialty infusion drug manufacturers, payors, comparable industries with a buy-and-bill product, and comparable organizations that support the Infusion Therapy market.

Physicians benefit from our success in establishing in-office infusion centers.

Physicians wishing to expand their practice to include in-office infusion and injection therapies benefit from our depth of experience in establishing and operating successful in-office infusion centers. Our comprehensive network allows us to facilitate business partnerships between channel providers, enabling them to offer their patients all-inclusive services and multiple sites of care.

Medical groups navigate multi-specialty infusion centers by accepting detailed guidance from our team.

Various medical groups have used us to assist with planning, building, managing, and growing multi-specialty infusion centers. From market analysis to site selection to provisioning, Infinity Infusion Solutions helps organizations navigate around common pitfalls that beset groups that are seeking to establish a profitable and sustainable multi-specialty infusion center.

Specialty pharmacies and home infusion providers overcome challenges.

Our team can assist specialty pharmacies and home infusion providers with how to successfully overcome the challenges of including ambulatory infusion and practice management services to existing offers. Pre-launch discovery services include research and development of market insights, strategy, competitive analysis, and market intelligence. We also offer marketing and sales support and assistance in building and training sales teams.

Startup Ambulatory Infusion Centers can develop the skills for licensing, procurement, business development, and best business operation practices

Startup members and partners benefit from cost savings on biologic and infusion therapy drugs while gaining access to limited distribution biologics. Gain advanced skills through expert guidance in the areas of licensing, procurement, business development, and best practices for business operations.