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What is the purpose of an infusion center?

Infusion centers are designed to provide patients with the same effective IV services that hospitals do, with increased focus on IV patients and additional comfort, especially for individuals who prefer or must receive medication via infusions. This comfortable environment also includes private suites, reclining chairs, refreshments, multiple viewing options, WiFi access and/or blankets so patients can enjoy their IV experience in a space dedicated to IV therapy.

Can’t IV patients just go to the hospital?

While the hospital is an option to receive IV therapy, having an IV center has several benefits for IV patients, and others:

  1. Medical staff with focused training on IV therapy, PICC, mid-line, and dual lumen lines, as well as catheter insertion, therapeutic phlebotomy, and port access and flushes.
  2. Cost-effective for both patients and insurance companies, with a dedicated place for IV patients to get what they need and remove additional costs that could be accrued from going elsewhere.
  3. Decreased treatment wait time for IV patients.

How do we know if we should open a center or offer infusions in our office? What are the regulations, requirements…etc.?

While guidelines and regulations for starting an infusion center vary by facility and from state-to-state, we can assist with a profitability model to enable you to analyze profits. You should consider if there is sufficient demand in your market, what the competitive landscape looks like, and what potential barriers to entry exist. PLEASE REVIEW THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR STARTING AN INFUSION CENTER BY LOGGING IN TO YOUR IIS ACCOUNT AND GOING TO RESOURCES > PAYOR RESOURCES.

What exactly does Infinity Infusion Solutions do?

Infinity Infusion Solutions is a service- and value-driven organization that provides services to all facets of the infusion therapy market, from manufacturers to payors to providers across all sites of care.

How do you handle upcoming therapies that have not yet been approved by the FDA?

We work with our manufacturer and distributor partners to develop pricing strategies pre-launch and are proactively attentive to FDA filings approvals and denials. There are often Clinical Trial opportunities available to our Provider partners for new therapies, as well.

Is there a fee to join IIS?

No, there is no fee to become a member with IIS. You can create an IIS account here Contact Us.

What are your price points for services?

Our price points vary by product and can change monthly or quarterly. A detailed list of our price points is accessible with your IIS account. LOG IN TO YOUR IIS ACCOUNT AND GO TO: RESOURCES > PRICING.

Do members need approval for certain drug purchases?

Yes, members have to be approved to access our contracts. More information on our approval list is accessible when you log in to your IIS account and browse our Resources page.

Are there restrictions for members to access your contracts?

Members must be approved by the manufacturers, and the manufacturers typically require a HIN or DEA for approval.

What is the licensing process?

The licensing process is fairly simple. The first step is for health providers and all other partners doing business in the supply chain to apply for a HIN (Health Industry Number). This number helps to identify locations of services and activities at your facilities. For more information on what steps to take to apply for a HIN, log in to your IIS account. GO TO RESOURCES > PAYOR RESOURCES

We want insight on industry trends!

We understand your urgency to know what’s going on and when. Please reach out to us regarding anything related to the infusion therapy market, including industry trends.  You can trust us and rely on our expertise, experience, and knowledge to offer our insight.